Information on new edition service


The log- and record books of Formularus-Verlag are frequently updated and always reflect the latest state of rules and regulations. Therefore, changes of the content happen continuously. Mostly they permit the continuous use of previous editions, some changes do affect the informative part only and occasionally the content is subject to a general overhaul, which asks for the purchase of a new book.

Therefore Formularus-Verlag provides information on the status of the latest editions of our books on its website. The complete run of changes may be obtained from the general information page for every book. You may also navigate directly to the “Record of Changes”-page, which guides you to the latest changes and the history of editions for every book.

The information provided will guide you in the continued use of older editions or the purchase of new books.

Type of changesRecommendations
UnchangedPrevious editions may be used without any restrictions
Graphic changes and small error corrections only
Changes in info-part, without changed regulations to completion of tablesPrevious editions may be used with caution after entry into force of changes
Changes in info part, with changed regulations to completion of tables
Changed tables, previous editions of this book may be kept in use
Changes to tables, previous editions of this book shall not be usedPrevious editions shall not be used after entry into force of changes
Complete revision, previous books no longer shall be used


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How to install the RSS-Feed

The installation of RSS-Feeds does not cause much effort but depends on your mail client. Guidances and tutorials are to be found in the internet.